Simple Video Game Storage Tips

If you love video games as much as I do, you may find that they’re really taking over your house. Having them piling up can cause them to get lost or damaged, though. But, what can you do about it.Well, one thing you can do is throw the boxes away immediately and store the game discs in a CD wallet. There are CD wallets that hold up to 250 books and take up much less space than 250 DVD case-sized game cases. However, you should know that, if you like to trade in your used games for store credits, you won’t get as much credit if you don’t have the original boxes. You can store the boxes in your attic or basement, instead of throwing them away, if you’d rather.Another common problem in my house is that we play games and forget to put them away or don’t feel like it. Well, that creates a real mess. I ransacked my entire bedroom looking for a game one day. That taught me the value of this next storage tip.Simply put a game away when you’re done with it. You can make it quicker and easier to put your games away if you store them right next to your bed or favorite game playing chair or couch. That way, you can organize and store your video games with minimal effort.A final quick tip is, if you plan to store your games in a CD wallet, organize them by game system and then title. That way, you can find the game you want as soon as you want it. You won’t have to waste valuable gaming time hunting for your game disk.